Monday, August 23, 2010

This year we will be offering "Tree Delivery"

This year at Kaleidoscope Farms we want to help you get your FRESH tree off the farm and in your families home or business. We will be offering TREE DELIVERY this season. You come to the farm pick out your tree cut it down and we will deliver it to your home that same day or on a date of your choice. While we know some of our customers love to load their tree or tie it to the top of their vehicle we realize that for some it is a hassle. We want to take the hassle our of your Christmas tree purchase so please be sure to inquire before you pick out your tree. Want to make someones Christmas extra special?
We can also assist with surprising a family with a tree. You can purchase the tree/delivery and we will deliver it anonymously to the friend, family member or someone who you know could use a tree. What a way to make someones Christmas special.