Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fraser firs a customer favorite

Every year there are questions from customers about the beautiful pre-cut Fraser fir trees for sale at Kaleidoscope Farms.

“Though we have tried for years, we have a hard time growing Fraser firs in many of our soil types on the farm, but many of our customers specifically ask for them,” said Dave Reese, owner of Kaleidoscope Farms. “To remedy that situation several years ago we started working with Hudler Farms — the best in the business of growing Fraser firs.”

Reese has known Dale Hudler and his family for many years and has long admired the consistent quality of the Fraser firs that they grow 3,000 feet above sea level in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Fraser firs are considered by many to be the best type of Christmas tree for their deep blue green color, fragrance and needle retention, and nobody grows them better than Hudler farms, Reese said.

“I personally spend the greater amount of the summer and fall walking the fields and grading every tree we sell,” Hudler said. “We offer 100 percent satisfaction and I want to be sure that the trees are properly graded for height and grade. We have taken the tree to the White House in 1995 as national grand champion. I also won the 2013 tree contest and am the national grand champ wreath maker this year as well.”

Hudler and his crew harvest the trees immediately before shipping. Kaleidoscope Farms brings in multiple shipments through the sales season to ensure the best quality and freshest cut Fraser fir trees possible.

“The trees are cut according to ship dates. We sell to private customers only and cut as late as possible,” Hudler said. “We take great care in storage of the trees after they are cut in a huge naturally shaded loading area.”

This year, in response to customer requests, the farm will feature a new dry, covered cut-tree area with Hudler’s Fraser firs along with trees harvested at Kaleidoscope Farms.

“We want to offer an experience that gives people a great reason to come out to the farm and pick out their perfect Christmas tree, whether it is a pine, spruce or Canaan fir we grow here or one of the beautiful Fraser firs from the Hudler family,” Reese said.

For questions, contact Reese at 419-722-1154 or visit Kaleidoscopefarms.com.