Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Christmas trees are naturally superior

In a time when Americans are placing more emphasis on environmental stewardship than ever before, a growing number of people are discovering the numerous environmental benefits of choosing a real Christmas tree that is naturally superior to the alternative.
“Some people still don’t understand that real Christmas trees are far more environmentally friendly than the artificial alternative,” said Dave Reese, owner of Kaleidoscope Farms in Mt. Cory and president of the Ohio Christmas Tree Association. “At the time they are harvested, most real Christmas trees have been producing oxygen, sheltering wildlife, conserving soil, improving water quality and absorbing carbon dioxide for more than seven or eight years.”
Christmas tree farms around the state are planting thousands of trees every year, and with those trees come a host of environmental benefits. The vast majority of Christmas trees purchased in this country come from a farm where growers plant one to three seedlings for each tree harvested. Close to half a billion trees are currently growing on U.S. tree farms.
Then, after the season, Christmas trees can be recycled for use as mulch, fish and wildlife habitat and for controlling stream bank erosion. In sharp contrast, plastic, petroleum-based artificial Christmas trees never biodegrade, and after their useful life likely go to a landfill.
Along with being a much more environmentally friendly option, real Christmas trees offer customers a chance to visit a farm and see those benefits at work.
“Have you ever seen where an artificial Christmas tree comes from? Chances are they don’t give many tours at those Chinese factories,” Reese said. “Tree farms are great places to visit for their natural beauty and the chance to spend some time outdoors in the country.”
Whether it is a chance to spot some wildlife, take a deep breath of fresh oxygen from the trees, or simply spend some time on a farm with family, a real Christmas tree is clearly the naturally superior and enjoyable choice this holiday season.

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