Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pa Pa's Paw Paws

This is what the leaf of a paw paw looks like.
The Christmas tree farm is an environmentalist's dream. Not only do we have over 30,ooo Christmas Trees we also have many acres of wetlands, CREP conservation areas and even a Paw Paw patch. We sell paw paws to a restaurant when in season and several private individuals. The going rate for paw paws is $10.00 per pound. The paw paw is a native fruit to Ohio. It is full of nutrients and even more nutritious than a banana. It is said that this fruit can help with stomach indigestion and digestion. It is a fleshy fruit and is only ripe for a very short period of time. It has lots of seeds inside.
Our natural paw paw patch is along our creek bed and is very wet most of the time. They spread through their root system and take over very easily. The tricky part of raising paw paws is that the animals love them just as much as people. When ripe, they fall from the trees, this is what the animals count on. We go out and shake the tree, when fruit falls it is almost ripe. The skin will be soft and turn a darker color as it ripens.

The taste is similar to a banana or a mango. Most either love it or could leave it. There are many recipes out there that are good and most say the less you heat or cook a paw paw the better. This is a delicate fruit that needs to be used within a short window or you will not like the results.

The Reese grandkids call Matt's Dad "PaPa" and he takes great joy in harvesting the native crop with his grandchildren and even daughter-in-laws like me. We think the name PaPa’s Paw Paws is here to stay.

This is what the fruit  looks like on the tree.

You can see the typical size of the fruit when harvested.

We have trees of all sizes but this is
the average size of our fruiting trees.

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