Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Type of Tree to Select

This year, Kaleidoscope Farms has a new type of Christmas tree for long-time customers to consider – the Norway Spruce.
The Norway Spruce trees have short, sharp spruce needle and a graceful form that many find appealing in a Christmas tree.
“Norway Spruces are not what most people think of as Christmas trees, but they do offer a little different look that many people really like,” said Dave Reese, owner of Kaleidoscope Farms in Mt. Cory. “They are also fragrant and have plenty of branches for holding ornaments. I am excited to see how customers respond this year to the Norway Spruce.”
This will be the second year the Norway Spruce is available at the farm, though last year there were only a very limited few of saleable size. This year there are many more available for customers to consider.
“They are beautiful,” Reese said. “They have a dark green blue color and strong branches that are great for holding heavy ornaments.”
Along with the Norway Spruce, customers will be able to choose from a large new block of Canaan fir, a perennial favorite on the farm.
“The Canaan fair are more popular every year and this year’s crop looks great,” Reese said. “We try to offer our customers something a little different each year. It will be interesting to see how they react to the Norway Spruce.”

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