Monday, November 15, 2010

Buying local Christmas trees supports the economy

The value and quality of locally produced food has re-inspired many Ohioans to purchase Ohio grown food in recent years. After all, locally produced products offer high quality, the chance to meet the producer and the opportunity to support the local economy. Christmas trees are no exception.
“When you buy a Christmas tree from an Ohio farm, you are supporting the Ohio economy and a hard working Ohio farm family,” said Dave Reese, president of the Ohio Christmas Tree Association. “And you definitely know where the tree came from. You may even get to cut it down yourself. That is a far cry from going to the mall to purchase an artificial tree imported from China.”
In 2009, consumers in the U.S. purchased 28.2 million farm-grown Christmas trees, spending an average of $40.92 that is going back into the local economy. The Choose and Cut segment of the Christmas tree industry in particular has been strong in recent years, with 32 percent of Christmas trees being purchased directly from farms.
“People just love the opportunity to go visit a farm where they can search for that perfect tree while spending time with their family,” Reese said. “That is an important reason many Christmas tree growers do what they do — provide a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy. And, in doing so, those families can support a local business.”
In 2009, the retail value of Christmas trees sold in the U.S. was $1.15 billion.
“That money is going to American Christmas tree farmers instead of supporting the people who bring you petroleum, chemicals and plastic trees from somewhere overseas,” Reese said. “Buying real trees keeps your money right here at home and offers a fun, low-cost experience for your family during this special time of year.”
For more information, visit or contact Reese at 419-722-1154.

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